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Powers Factions Mortal Kingdoms of Thylea These next deuce-ac sections talk over religion and politics of the scene Beginning with the deities information technology is best-known that the gods and goddesses of Thylea ar non the only ones come out thither although unnaturalised gods from the wider world leave Thylea largely full and their worshipers ar a couple of in total on the far side some storm fun sex games to play -tossed foreigners The two John Major pantheons are the Ancient Titans and the Five Gods although there are Forgotten Gods whose name calling and superpowe grew few to the point that they ar rarely honored exterior of particular groups With a few exceptions the gods do not live in part planes of world but last in the Material Plane so As to keep a closer view along their mortal charges For model Sydon spends practically of his clock in the lighthouse-fortress Praxys spell Pythor and Vallus ar the swayer and married woman of a swayer respectively in two of the larger metropolis -states Narsus the God of Beauty is non technically forgotten just is the supporter godprisoner of the metropolis -state of Aresia

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